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Life: The Whole Enchilada — Reviews

Life: The Whole Enchilada provides an invaluable template for self-examination. The framework is excellent, the personal anecdotes are compelling, and the endearing humor makes this wonderful meal easy to taste and savor. It will be a guiding light for many, young and old, and for me will be a treasured companion as I navigate the remaining acts of my life.”

Ricardo B. Levy, PhD, Stanford University Lecturer and author of Letters to a Young Entrepreneur

“John O’Neil courageously shares his personal journey, poetry, and learning, as he writes about the people who guided him through life’s phases and influenced him along the way to mastery and wisdom. His book is also a ‘healing guide’ to help readers craft their own life stories, stressing the importance of reflecting on purpose, having a deep respect for art and fun in all its forms, and maintaining a spirit of gratitude for those who help shape us throughout our lives.”

Yury Boshyk, PhD, CEO, Global Executive Learning and Chairman, Global Forum on Strategic Transformation, Leadership and Learning 


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“John O’Neil emerges as a modern-day Merlin as he conveys a treasure trove of wisdom in Life: The Whole Enchilada. His timeless tales of erudition are packed with universal insights, ideas, guidance, and gratitude. John’s continuous learning and knowledge compound like the law of large numbers. This inspiring journey to self-actualization is manna from heaven that makes the world a better place.”

Brian J. Flynn, Co-founder, FounderPartners and Founder, Esplanade Partners, LLC

“John O’Neil’s gratitude memoir comes at an important time in our collective history. When you look back, you remember who you were in the moment, and you remember what life is actually about. Maybe that is what this entire experience ultimately will teach us. This book is timeless, like a love song.”

Maria Meneses Gutierrez, Head of External Relations, West Coast, McKinsey & Company

Life: The Whole Enchilada reveals that ‘know thyself’ has been the leitmotif of John O’Neil’s extraordinary, multi-faceted life of learning and service. Not content with discovering and developing himself, like a modern-day alchemist John has used his wisdom, experience, empathy, and humor to serve countless others on their own journeys of self-discovery. This book stands out as a paean to leadership rooted in values and authenticity.”

Tony Bury, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Challenger and Learner

Martin Bury, Family Wealth Management Professional and Curious Skeptic

“My words are not big enough to carry my gratitude for this enriching meal.  Life: The Whole Enchilada generously opens up a window of intimacy, revealing John O’Neil’s life history: who he was, who he is, and how he got there. It gives readers a roadmap along which possibilities can flourish, inspiring all who follow to etch their own.”

Becky Mayer

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